Frequently Asked Questions

CAC stands for Child Advocacy Center. The CAC is a safe place that offers a child-friendly environment where abused children can receive specialized services. At the CAC Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement and Medical Staff can investigate abuse allegations and share the information in a manner sensitive to the needs of young victims. Click here to see a video about CACs and how they help kids!

Any suspected abuse must be reported to the local DSS or to the local Law Enforcement agency. These agencies will make the referral to the CAC if appropriate.

The CAC has a private lobby and offers a child-friendly environment. You are welcome to bring a support person with you to attend the appointment or assist with children. There will also be a family advocate present to help you with paperwork, offer support, and assist with childcare as needed.

If you are providing for children who need to accompany you, there are resources for them to wait during the appointment. Please advise your DSS contact on who will be attending with you so CAC staff can prepare the facilities to accommodate your family's needs.

There are two ways to help support the CAC.

Donations can be made to Talbot Community Connections, our affiliated non-profit. TCC, our foundation board, raises funds and accepts donations with the goal of assisting people in economic need, protecting children and vulnerable adults, and promoting the safety and well-being of the citizens of Talbot County.

Volunteers are recruited through the Talbot County DSS volunteer program. After an initial screening and orientation process, volunteers are utilized for various projects.

If you would like an in-service for your agency or organization, you may contact TCCAC directly at (410) 820-7141. The general public may request more information by calling (410) 820-7141.